What's your Y story? 

It seems like everybody has a Y story.  Whether it was learning to swim, a youth sport or and after school program, almost everyone has a story. 

Jon McLaughlin, the director of the Waxahachie YMCA, joined the Lion's today to talk about the annual campaign.  It is a cornerstone of the YMCA that no one be turned away for inability to pay.  The annual campaign is the major fundraising effort for the YMCA during the year, with almost 6 figures of donations given out in 2017 in the form of memberships for participation, grants for afterschool and day camp care, as well as, sports scholarships  These funds allow young people, in OUR community, the ability to participate in activities that would otherwise be out of their reach at no fault of their own.  These issues hit home with the Lion's, as Marcus Armstrong happens to be the campaign chair this year.  Mr. Armstrong grew up right here in this YMCA, attending those same YMCA programs and receiving aide as his family was unable to provide those opportunities at the time.  If you ask him, the YMCA is a big part of why he's been as successful as he is.  He'll also tell you that success is measured in more than dollars and cents.  The morals and other life lessons learned during those younger years were an integral part in the man he's grown to be.  Mr. Armstrong is a home town Y story.  Let's make some more. 

If you feel the need to give, please feel free to follow the link below.  Any money donated is going directly to those here in Waxahachie and are tax deductible with the YMCA's 501(c)3 status.


‚ÄčOr you can text US143 to 71777